Communications in St. Andrews

Posted 11/29/14 by Karen

St Andrews residents:

Please register on this blog if you are interested in keeping up with your municipality and all the changes that are coming. I ran for Councillor in Ward Two in the Fall 2014 election. There were other candidates and the ward made their decision and Elmer K. continues as our Councillor.  Elmer is a fine gentleman and he will be contributing to this blog as well as other Councillors and residents of St Andrews.  While we will try to have fun on this blog, we will have some serious discussions about the issues that are most important to you.

While I went door to door you expressed concerns about sewers, dense development and drainage.  Some were repeating hearsay and were unsure of the truth of the information.  Some had ideas about how things could  be done better.  So lets get it all out there and discover the facts so our individual decisions are reliable.



Posted 11/20/14 by Karen

_MG_8005Our first critter of the month is Ruby, a cuddly mixed breed dog who came to her person via Pawed Pals Animal Rescue. (These hardworking and dedicated volunteers would be happy to help you find your next best friend!)